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Just this home remedy will open the heart valve 100 percent no matter how blocked it is.

Just this home remedy will open the heart valve 100 percent no matter how blocked it is.

Heart is the precious organ of our body, which is engaged in its work 24 hours a day. But due to our bad lifestyle and wrong eating and drinking habits, heart blockage is becoming a serious problem. If blockages are starting to occur in the heart vessels, it clearly means that the acidity in the blood has increased. Acidity is also of two types, one is stomach acidity and the other is blood acidity.

Blockage of heart vessels leads to heart attack, so today we are telling Ayurvedic remedies which are very simple. When blood acidity increases, you use something that is alkaline. Eating salt-free food reduces the acidity in the blood and you can avoid heart blockage forever.

How to avoid heart attack

You may have heard people saying "Don't touch the heart man" because the heart is the most delicate organ in the body and anything can damage it easily. When a person experiences emotional stress, the heart is the first to be affected, leading to a heart attack.

The best way to avoid a heart attack caused by this emotional pain is to stay stress-free with an open mind. Apart from this, there are some other ways to avoid heart attack like avoiding high calorie food and regular exercise etc. So keeping yourself fit and healthy is the easiest way to avoid heart attack. So we are telling you how to avoid heart attack...

-Exercise regularly The best way to prevent heart attack is to exercise daily. Also do physical exercise for at least 15 minutes. Walking is also a good exercise to keep the heart healthy.

-Avoid eating oily or greasy foods as junk food contains more oil and is not good for the heart. This type of food should be avoided to avoid heart attack.

-Are you not having diarrhea and if you are having diarrhea then you are at risk of heart attack. Being overweight forces the heart to pump more blood and more energy, putting more strain on your fragile heart.

-Eating the right food is very important. A balanced diet is essential to prevent heart attacks.

- Don't strain urine and defecation When urine and defecation are strained, it affects the heart and also causes infection.

A mixture of garlic, vinegar, lemon and honey

World's leading doctors believe that garlic, vinegar and honey can cure cancer and joint pain. Famous universities of the world have conducted amazing studies to prove that miraculous home remedies, which cost very little per day, are comfortable for such ailments.

This remedy helps in curing blocked ducts, joint pain, high blood pressure, certain cancer cells, high cholesterol, cold-cough, headache, heart disease, blood flow problem, hemorrhoids, indigestion, toothache, obesity, ulcers and many other ailments. Get.

This remedy is extremely beneficial in congested heart vessels, opening of congested heart vessels and beneficial for major ailments.

Materials needed

1 cup lemon juice

1 cup ginger juice

1 cup garlic juice

1 cup apple cider vinegar

Method of preparation and method of consumption

Mix all the above ingredients and boil on fire for half an hour. When three cups remain, allow the mixture to cool. When it cools down, mix three cups of honey in it and put it in a glass bottle. Consuming one teaspoon daily before breakfast will open the heart valve.

A wonderful treatment of nature also removes obesity. It is one of the best cures for cancer, asthma and many other diseases.

A study conducted on patients with these joints reported that a daily dose of vinegar and honey can reduce joint pain by 90 percent.

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