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Homeowners Insurance Claim: 5 easy steps.


Homeowners Insurance Claim: 5 easy steps.

Friends welcome you to our website. Hey this is Jeremy from Shine Insurance and today we are going to make the real Homeowner Claims task simple. We're going to break it down into five steps that you can easily understand so that you have an understanding of how you claim to own a home. Work whether you're involved in one now or you just want to be one in the future. ready. Were I going to use this infographic to explain it and go through it. If you want to download a PDF I have it right at the bottom of the video as well as a link right here in the video which you can click and keep the PDF for future. So it starts with something bad happening in your house. Maybe it's yours The water heater pipe bursts and your kitchen floor gets flooded. Maybe that fire is started because you are deep frying the turkey and it overflowed and caught fire. Damage to your home whatever claim status you have. The first thing you want to do is call emergency services and prevent damage. So maybe that's 911. If your home is on fire obviously you want to call 911. you want to get the fire department outGet there as soon as possible. If it's not emergency services like 911 then you may just need to turn your home's main water valve off. Just think now if you know where it is and if you definitely don't need to find it because when you turn it the water main water valve stops pouring whatever is in position no more damage it happens. You can also call a remedial specialist. These are the people who come out they will usually come out round the clock and they are going to start immediately to assess the damage and deal with what has happened to your house. If it is water damage, they will start putting fans and dehumidifiers and things like that in your home. So once the imminent danger is averted, you want to stop the damage and it may be time to call the healing specialist who will come and start repairing the damage.

 The next step is that you want to initiate an insurance claim. You want to tell your insurance company which has it. This means that you are calling the insurance company or calling your insurance agent and explaining the situation to them. They are going to ask you some questions, give you a claim number, and get the process started on their behalf regarding the claim handling. So step 2 start the insurance claim. Step 3 What You Need to Start Fixing Damage. So you're going to hire contractors to fix this damage. Now often the treatment specialist you called in the beginning is also a general contractor who can continue through the process and fix all of the damages from start to finish. For this reason, you may decide to continue working through the process with your remedial people. Or, you may decide that you have roof damage and you want to call a roofing specialist or you have plumbing. Damage has occurred and you want to call a plumber or you just want to call a general contractor. is gonna come and help you fix the house. Obviously, if your home is completely demolished then you are going to be hiring a general contractor who is going to go through the process of rebuilding the house for you. So contractors are really the biggest part of the process because they are the ones who are going to fix your house. You know I think the key point in this video is that your insurance company is not going to fix your house. They're not going to come in and nail down the floor and and put a new one on the ceiling and paint the walls. They are contractors who are local in your area. The insurance company supplies the money. They are going to pay for what is covered. So Step 3 Do you need to hire contractors to compensate for the loss. To review, step you put everything on hold, step 2 - call your insurance company, step 3 - you hired contractors.

Now Step 4: You Have to Pay Those Contractors Right? So that's where the insurance company comes in. Ever since you started hoping to get people to claim the insurance company has come, told you how the process works, started communicating with your contractor. It is extremely important that both parties are communicating with each other. Finally come down to the terms what will be the cost of fixing your home. Often the insurance company is going to write you a check. They are not going to write the check directly to the contractor. They'll write that check minus deductible. So if you have a thousand dollar deductible which is very common on homeowners policies then they are going to write a check for the cost of fixing your home minus your deductible. Now there's all kinds of other variables that come into play here and I'm really just making it really simple but the basic concept is the insurance company is going to pay. They're going to write you a check. Then you are in return going to pay contractors for fixing the damages. At tha t point you can move on with your life. The damage is fixed, the issue is resolved, and everyone walks on their with life. So that step 5. there is fire in your lifeLet's go! I notice in the middle I have you and obviously you are in the middle of the situation. But if you're with an insurance company it's one of these bigger than you insurance companies are really going to navigate it. You're going to have to communicate with the insurance company, you're going to have to communicate with contractors, and that's the point where I really point to one of the most important reasons to consider being an independent insurance agent because By this process when you call your independent insurance agent they are going to help make sure that damage is prevented from the very beginning. They can help you make sure that you have settled your claim in favor of your insurance company. They can recommend some contractors in the city they work with tons of them so they are going to know which are the best contractors to work with. They're going to make sure you get the most money out of your insurance company and the money you're entitled to. Eventually and in the end they can help you make sure the job is done. So they can help you with all the things going on. As with other insurance companies when you go directly to the insurance company you don't have an attorney, one person who is working for you through the claims process. That's the most important thing to me because in the end they're going to help you make sure you get satisfied with the process. Look no one likes claims. No one likes to feel bad things are happening in their house but when you're done with it you're done with it you definitely want to feel it's good. Being an independent The insurance agent who is helping walk you through my . I have a super big deal. Okay so let's just go through the five steps real quick again. youGoing to call emergency services and stop the damage.

You are about to start an insurance claim. You are going to hire contractors to fix the damage, eventually, you will pay them the contractor and finally you are going to go ahead with fulfilling your life experience and successful making it as good as an experience in it Maybe a bad thing has happened in your house, possibly to be one. OK, that was it. If you are interested in some other Shine videos we have found the Great New Home Buyer's Guide. If you are moving out and buying a new home for the first time or if it has been a bit since the last time you bought the house, we walk you through the process. If you have never really understood term life insurance then we have a really simple explanation. This is very similar to this one very early, surface interpretation. Lastly if you're just in search of funny fails watch our Riding Lawnmower video. People are not doing very smart things with their riding lawn mower as usual, the last step in this video is to subscribe to our youtube channel. We try and make great content for you. Information that is easy to understand and quick. Not trapping you in too many details of the situation but really giving you a simple overview of how things work. Lastly, if you liked this video please share it in your social world. Good information is great only when it is shared with others. If you found something out of this video and felt like you were walking a little too smart go ahead and pop it out on your Facebook page or your Instagram feed. It's whatever you do to let other people know about this video. So I hope you learned a little. I definitely enjoyed sharing this information with you. Have a wonderful day!

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