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These 4 flowers act as "sanjivani herb" in many diseases like asthma, cough, goiter, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, whooping cough, itch, kidney disease.

These 4 flowers act as "sanjivani herb" in many diseases like asthma, cough, goiter, shortness of breath, diarrhoea, whooping cough, itch, kidney disease.

Flowers given by nature are a gift that is loved by everyone. Flowers are as beautiful to look at as they are to make anyone happy. Nature has given birth to many trees and plants around us, which are very helpful in keeping our health healthy. The only difference is that we do not know its uses properly. Today we are telling you about the four flowers.

Whenever we have any problem, we consult a doctor and consume the medicines prescribed by him. Also, many diseases are treated in Indian Ayurveda. Many types of flowers have been used in Ayurveda since ancient times. With the help of which many diseases can be removed. These flowers are also used as medicine.

You will be surprised to know that these flowers have the power to cure everything from skin problems to many types of infections. Flowers like rose, saffron, champo, jasud can also be consumed in the form of juice and decoction. It is known to provide many benefits to our body. So let's know about these flowers that they can provide benefits in which diseases.

rose flower

As beautiful as a rose flower is, so many benefits are hidden in it. Tannin, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin C are found in this flower. Rose flower juice can be used to relieve body heat and headache. In addition, rose petals can cure lung problems like asthma, cough, bronchitis and digestive problems like indigestion and flatulence. Not only this, everyone knows about rose water, which works to remove the irritation of our eyes.

lotus flower

A lotus is a plant of the botanical world, in which large and beautiful flowers open. This is the national flower of India. Also, lotus flower has many medicinal properties. The lotus flower is considered very sacred, and is also used in worship. It has large white and pink flowers. Lotus flower is very effective in reducing fever, thirst, skin diseases, inflammation, lumps, vomiting and bronchitis.


Champa flower

Champa flower is fragrant and is used in Ayurvedic medicine for many ailments like skin diseases, injuries and ulcers. Apart from this, a decoction of Champa flower is also beneficial. Drinking this decoction is very beneficial in treating fever, dizziness, cough and nausea. Champa flower is as auspicious as its leaves. Dry leaves of Champa are crushed and applied to leprosy wounds to cure leprosy. Champa leaves are also beneficial in curing shingles, itching. A medicine is also made from the bark of Champa tree.

Jasud's flower

Jasug flower petals and leaves are red, white, yellow, orange and pink. Ayurvedic tea is prepared using Jasud and this tea is very helpful in controlling blood pressure, loose motion, piles, hair fall, high blood pressure and cough. Jasud is considered very beneficial for kidneys. Kidney patients should drink this tea without sugar. This helps in removing kidney stones. For diabetic patients, start consuming 20 to 25 leaves of it regularly, this is the cure for your diabetes. 

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