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Top 4 Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh Earning 25x Profit Sharks love these ideas for investing.

Top 4 Business Ideas Under 1 Lakh Earning 25x Profit Sharks love these ideas for investing.

Friends, do you know? Small businesses in India are growing at an annual growth rate of 10%. And according to a recent study and report by the Government of India, there will be better opportunities for you in the small business sector in the coming few years. So, if you are looking for ideas where you can start a profitable business with a capital of less than Rs.0.1 million. Which can give you good returns even in recession. I will share those thoughts with you and according to reports and statistics, this is an era of inflation called pre-recession. And if people think so, the demand for homes, routines, remote work, and technology will increase according to the trend. But to make it different from others, I will also tell you in this post. If you are new to this post. Here you will find all posts related to business, entrepreneurship and case studies. Well, let's move on to our top-4.

There is one thing that will last after a recession and even before it. And as you grow, so will it. This is self-respect and self-respect. Which is very common nowadays. And everyone wants to be an influencer. Or if he is working then people will see his classy status. Or if he wants to do the job, the recruiters will know about his status. So, there is a trend that is growing rapidly. And agencies are also slowly opening up. But according to people's hobby it will become a trend in future.

 1. Personal branding agency.

Friends, this is a big topic. Many businesses have been built on this and people also freelance and do jobs on it. Some even start consulting firms for personal branding. So, this is a huge topic. Because every company needs branding and personal branding. It may be required for an aspiring actor. And this field is also growing in sports. One that handles your entire social media to build your personal brand. But you can think about its benefits. The advantage of this is that they get a better network. And with the help of that network they can further expand their market. Because of this they become influencers and customers reach out to them because of their strong network. And even if it does, recruitment of human resources in future. But mostly, they open a consultancy firm and they do personal branding of people and companies in that firm. So, this is a huge subject, where initially you get a maximum of Rs. 50,000 will be spent. Because it depends, but whether you do it online or offline. In online mode it costs Rs. You create a website. And if you know how to design a website it will be good for you. But branding a personal website is not that complicated. Which costs around Rs. May be 25K. If you get it made by a freelancer. Otherwise, I would recommend you to use a WordPress website for this.

2. Want to do personal branding.

Considered great for personal branding. And nowadays, we come across bio sites on the internet. That is, what bio sites are made of, just people's names on one page. It also personal branding. And interestingly, people are willing to pay for that one page. By the way, if you do more marketing in it, because it requires a lot of marketing. So this figure will go up to Rs.0.1 million. But I would recommend you to build a network on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook before that. Then this task will be easy for you. Getting a job in any company is very difficult and nowadays, a lot of tasks like assignments and interviews need to be done. And after all this hard work we get the answer of 'we will get back to you'. So friends it hurts more than the rejection of a crush. But finding a job is a big problem. Where can we get a good job very easily? Is there any solution to these problems? Yes, you will find it on Hierect. At Haier, you can chat directly with the team leader who will be hired. That too without any counsel. 120K. There are more than just recruiting companies out there. All you have to do is download the app from the link given in the description. And you have to create a profile there, after answering a few questions. And accordingly, the algorithm app will match you with the recruiter. And when it comes to privacy, none of your information will be leaked to the recruiter without your permission.

3. Restaurants grow what we call cloud kitchens.

 Well, let's move on to our Top 3 Badal Kitchens. Now, what is Cloud Kitchen? It's easy that restaurants are using it so fast these days. They open a restaurant to eat separately. And they open separate stores for parcel and on-demand kitchens. Which is going fast nowadays. But I would not advise you to start a restaurant first. A cloud kitchen can work both ways. Where Zomato and Swiggy charge you more and you have to pay more. There Cloud Kitchen itself builds its own delivery parcel service. Which gives very good income. For example - I visited a local store seller of the same type, and I asked him about his earnings from this cloud kitchen. Then he replied that all of themThe best item is Dal Makhani and Roti. And it will cost you around 150 rupees. And he sells around 50 to 60 orders offline without any online help. But then I called asking about the number that he gets. Then their answer was 30. If we assume it to be about 100, then they get the maximum order of these two things. I've added a lot of things so far. Then you calculate accordingly. People use it in some other way. They provide franchisees by opening cloud kitchens. And they charge commission for it. Which is called commission based cloud kitchen. So here, there are two ways to do this. Do you open a cloud kitchen or someone help you open. You can become a delivery partner and charge commission. Which will cost you around 60K up to 70K including the chef and staff. And its cost is around Rs.0.1 . million after adding the raw material. Which will be your initial investment. By the way, let's move on to our number 2.

4. You want to be a physiotherapist.

Look, you don't need a degree for this. This is a kind of business. People do it as a profession and job of physiotherapist. But here, I will talk about business. If I talk about the annual income of physiotherapist, then it has been considered as the highest developable income since 2015. And do you know why? Because I also wanted to become a physiotherapist. But today, here I am. Because I was very smart in calculations. And I calculated that . The weekly fee of Physiotherapist is Rs.300 per day. And it is around Rs 5000 for a month. And once I asked a physiotherapist just for the knowledge, that with how many clients, do you consult. Then he replied, to consult with 10-20 clients. Then I was in shock.

He consults with 20 clients in one day and Rs 5000 per month. Now you can calculate yourself. So here, if you open a client-based office, and if you rent it it will cost around 25K to 80K. But if you have the skills and can hire a physiotherapist, then you can charge him as a commission. But if you want to become a home delivery physiotherapist, then it will be quite easy for you. Those who can give physiotherapy by visiting their homes, you can charge more with them. This figure starts from approx. Rs.8K with 20 customers. So, you have two ways, you can start by becoming an expert in physiotherapy or a professional. Or you can start by creating a team of physiotherapists. And I have already guided you guys, I have an idea while making this post. Is there any freelance work in physiotherapy?

CV, resume and government documents. They even provide services regarding writing press releases. And you will be stunned to hear its charge. The fee for writing content is Rs 2 per word in the market. Yes, it is Rs 2 per word. And if we talk about India, and thus, these content writing companies earn. Which is greatly underestimated because their exclusion is not related to funding. And people think they won't do anything. But guys this is a very interesting thing. Sometimes, a resume is up to 1200 words. And if they a. 2 words for then you can calculate. And that's why content writing agencies like, Write Write and Paper Content are very popular nowadays. You will need marketing and skill work in this. And the most important is timing. And a little hard work of freelancers. Which will cost you Rs.0.1 to 0.2 million initially. And if you will get customers then you will be in a profitable business. But if you also believe in working directly, then find a job by going directly to Hirect.

This is a direct hiring app. And here, you can chat with HR and team leaders from over 120K companies. That too without any advisor. The link is in the description. So, don't stop because Hirect is direct then you will come to know about ideas less than 50 thousand rupees. I will meet you in the next post. Until then, stay busy!

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