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What is MBA Course? How to do ? Complete information


What is MBA Course? How to do ? Complete information

Hello Fred in today's update we are going to talk about mba course what is this course? What educational qualifications should we have to do this? After this we will know whether there is an entrance for MBA course or not? How many types of mba programs are there, you will get information about all the programs of mba. How much does it cost to do this course as well as from which top iims to do mba course. And you will get information about the field of mba course. Apart from this, what is the syllabus of this course? In this course we will get to study the subject from angle and after doing MBA course, what will be your employment area, what will be the employment area and apart from this we will also talk about job profile. So let's start this update to know more about mba Complete information about core. mba is a master degree course whose full form is master of business administration. A is a pg course ie post graduation that's why you can do this course only when you have completed your graduation. That I have given you the full form of MBA, so its name suggests that in this course we are taught only about business and we are given complete information about business, so before doing any course, we need to know that Complete information about the course should be collected. So if you also want to do MBA course, then you should take complete information about it and read this update completely from beginning to end.

Is mba degree done after 12th?

So first of all we talk that can we do MBA after 12th? So the answer is yes, you can do MBA after 12th. If you want to do direct MBA course after 12th, then A course is of full 5 years for you. If you do MBA course after graduation then then This course is only for 2 years. If you take admission in this course, then it will take you only 2 years to do this course. So now let's talk about eligibility cretiria. Already told that if you can do this course even after 12th, just Duresan becomes your sage. So after 12th you can do MBA course or not, then you have got the answer and to pass graduation. After that, when you apply for mba course, then you should have 50% of the route in graduation for this. You can take the mission and if you want, you can take admission even without this exam. There are also such colleges where admission is available without entrance exam and if you want, you can do this exam in distance mode also. If you want to take admission in mba through entrance exam then first you have to give entrance exam then you will get admission in selected college through coaching. A two year class experience should also be in any company only then you get admission. So after doing MBA core you can do job in multi national company at high level post of manager etc. Apart from this you can start your own business also. Because in this course we study about business, so if we want, after completing this course, we can also do jobs at high level, that is, when someone else can also handle business because after doing this course. We also get all the information about the business. So after completing the mba, you can according to your interest. You can do business or job.

Name of Entrance Exam.

So let us tell you the names of some entrance exams which are conducted for the MBA course, so the first one comes.


The AI exam is conducted every year in November and the last date to apply for it is September.


A test is done every year for you in December and the last date for its application is also December.


The AI test is conducted every year in December and its last date is November.


AI takes place every year in January and the last date is November.


The exam is conducted every year in November and the last date is September.


AI takes place every year in January and the last date for its application is December.


AI Exams are conducted every year from October to December and its implementation date is October, A test is conducted by G MAC, which is a global organization.

So you have so many exams, out of which you can get your admission by giving any exam. All those same subjects are studied only. Kus University also conducts specific entrance exams for their colleges.

Is it necessary to do CAT?

Our nest question is that is it necessary to give CAT exam in mba? So it is not necessary to give CAT to do MBA but if you want to take admission in a good college then you have to give any of the above entrance exam i.e. Koina, then you have to give an entrance exam and your admission in mba After this we know about the MBA program, that is, how many types of MBA programs are there. So the most important thing is that there are different programs of MBA course, you can select your encoding. There are 5 types of courses. The first is 1 yr full time mba program, the second is 2 yr full time mba program, then there is online mba and fourth is part time mba and after that executive mba ie e-mba.


It takes 11 to 15 months for you to complete the program that you have, in which almost your course gets coupled, that is, it may take you more than a year, which sort of needs an MBA degree and business. There is an A course for that you need complete knowledge about doing this. The fee that it costs is more than 2 YEAR MBA program.


A which is a program, it has four semesters because A is of two years. In a year you have two semesters and one semester is of 6 months and you have an exam at the end of every semester. Application in this program Karta has two years or three years experience of some company.


Many universities offer a program in which you have flexible options. You can also take mba degree in your bg life through online mba program.


If you want to do a job as well as do an MBA degree, then part time MBA will be the best for you. You can tell yourself that you have to take classes in every semester, most of the students listen to one or two classes. And this course is completed by people in about 4 or 5 years i.e. it takes you a little more time to complete this course.


Most of the AI exams can be completed in two years or even less time. In this course you have to go to college on friday or saturday, apart from this you have to go to college on weeken. AI course focuses more on business like Key Management Skills Leadership and Strategy.

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